About Us

Who we are

iUGO engages Young Professionals seeking to develop their professional and social networks throughout the greater Nashua community and beyond. We develop events and activities designed to promote professional connections, social connections, development among Young Professionals and increased community engagement. We showcase how the Greater Nashua community is an amazing place to Stay, Work and Play for Young Professionals. Through these efforts, we hope to attract Young Professionals to the greater Nashua area and retain those Young Professionals already in the Greater Nashua area, all while providing a fun, educational, and diverse line-up of activities.

iUGO’s Mission Statement

The mission of iUGO is to connect young professionals with each other, the community, professional opportunities and civic engagement opportunities in the Greater Nashua Community.

iUGO’s Vision

iUGO’s vision is of a vibrant Greater Nashua community recognized as an attractive region to stay, work and play for a young workforce.


Types of Events

Our calendar is always packed with events, but nearly all of them can be summed up into five different categories. Social events are our most regular events. Our Mastermind Mixer and Better Living events are offered on a quarterly basis and there are two Active Living events held every year.

Social Events

Our most attended events tend to be our social networking events, and for good reason. These events are held at local restaurants and bars, and provide an opportunity to interact with area young professionals in a relaxed and fun environment. Plus there’s always good food and drinks!

Mastermind Mixers

Our Mastermind Mixer series is a newer series that fuses our socials with our former BrainFood concept.  Attendees have the opportunity to meet and interact with an expert panel focused on specific topics pertinent to the YP demographic.

Better Living Events

iUGO also offers a special line of programming intended to enhance cultural, social and art experiences for young professionals in the greater Nashua region. Some past Better Living events have included: a Night at Symphony NH, a Scotch & Cigar Tasting at Castro’s Back Room, a Thanksgiving Wine and Food tasting at MT’s Local, and a Sushi and Sake tasting at San Francisco Kitchen.

Active Living Events

In partnership with St. Joseph Hospital, iUGO offers these events as a chance to get out there, be active, and socialize. Events include a dodgeball tournament each April and a kickball tournament each August.

So Why iUGO?

Verb (YOU-GO)
present active iugō, present infinitive iugāre, perfect active iugāvī, supine iugātum
Definition: I connect.

As you can see, iUGO is derived from the Latin word “to connect.” And that is exactly what the organization is all about: connecting young professionals with each other, with their employers, and with the community.