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Are You Undercutting Your Efforts to Build Wealth?

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The 1st Downtown Nashua Historic Bike Tour Urban Heritage (Bike) Guide-Alan S. Manoian

A part of the "TD Bank "Better Living Series" Saturday, September 26th 9:00AM-10:30AM, Bike Tourists meet at Rotary Common Contact: Alison Bankowski on Facebook Get a feel for Downtown Nashua's first historic bike tour from the guide Alan S.... READ MORE

NH Business Review: Will they stay or will they go?

Real effort to keep young people will cost NH A RESPONSE BY JAMES VAYO In their latest issue (and with their sweet new redesign) The NH Business Review has an article discussing NH's efforts to keep Young Professionals in state after college. You c... READ MORE

NHPR: “You are the future of this Town”

By James Vayo Have you heard this piece on NHPR about a mother, her daughter, and their relationship with the town selectman? There is an expectation by the elders that the daughter will come home after college and take an active role in the civic... READ MORE

Lowell’s Revival and the Potential for Nashua

Lowell has the special sauce right now! It took a lot of creative thinking from state and local government and a willing private developer to make it happen... but the outcome is pure magic. Nashua will need to take note of the solutions other indust... READ MORE

Burtons Grill iUGO Social Recap

The oysters were delicious, the atmosphere was relaxing, and the networking was rampant. Why weren’t you at December’s iUGO social? Burton’s Grill, the month’s generous host, was slinging $1 shrimp, and buck-a-shuck oysters alongside delicio... READ MORE

The Secrets to Successful Networking

Read up on this article from to hear how ten successful women mastered the art of networking, and used it to fuel their own success. “Don’t network, Connect,” seems to be the motto of this article, and it’s a damn fine motto.

Tips to Help You Overcome Networking Awkwardness

Here’s a great post from listing 21 ways to overcome networking awkwardness. It is something that we all face, and it is always refreshing to hear that other people suffer from it, and that they’ve discovered ways to remedy your awkwardne... READ MORE

SFK Sushi and Sake Tasting Event a Big Success!

The San Francisco Kitchen sushi and sake tasting  Better Living event was a huge success in our books, and we want to tell you why: It SOLD OUT. A handful of attendees had never been to a iUGO event before AND they were so happy that they got ... READ MORE

Staying Fit Doesn’t Stop at the Office

We all know that a couch potato is at risk for many health complications including obesity, cardiovascular problems, back pain, etc. Many of us wouldn’t consider ourselves a couch potato, but inadvertently our daily habits provide us with the same ... READ MORE

529 Plans, What Are They?

Original story by Michael Solari. You can view it here. Aw, college, the good ol’ days! Now that you’re a bit older, have kids, and more responsibilities you may have heard of the term ’529 plan.’ Besides wishing that your parents set one... READ MORE