So you’ve heard about us, you’ve read about us, maybe your friend won’t shut up about us. So what’s next? Come hang out with us, of course! iUGO offers a core of four regular event types throughout the year. “But which do I choose?” You may be asking. “All OF THEM!” We say. If that is not possible, however, you can find a nice broad description of our four event types below.

If you feel like you understand our events, or if you are looking for upcoming iUGO events, be sure visit our Events Calendar!

Social Events

Regularity: Monthly
Our most attended events tend to be our social networking events, and for good reason. These events are held at local restaurants and bars, and provide an opportunity to interact with area young professionals in a relaxed and fun environment. These events are free to attend and typically include free hors d’oeuvres and drink specials provided by the venues! Each event has a very limited program, in an effort to maximize the relaxed and informal networking atmosphere.

Previous social events have been held at:

Professional Development

Regularity: Quarterly
Our Professional Development Series provides an opportunity for you to connect with other young professionals and to develop your professional skills at the same time. Our Professional Development events tend to be of a smaller nature than our Social Events, and are offered free of charge. The events are facilitated by special guest speakers and experts, who talk about issues that are specific to Young Professionals today.

Some past Professional Development Event topics have included:

  • Understanding yourself and others through personality typing
  • Effective e-mail communication
  • Transitioning from peer to manager
  • Selling yourself and your business

TD Bank Better Living Events

Regularity: Quarterly

iUGO in partnership with TD Bank offers a special line of programming intended to enhance cultural, social and art experiences for young professionals in the greater Nashua region. Attendance at Better Living events is limited due to the nature of the events, and there is a registration fee.

Active Living Events

These events are offered in partnership with St. Joseph Hospital and provide young professionals with a chance to be active. We offer three annual Active Living Events over the course of the year. The first of these is in April where we hold a Dodgeball Tournament. We also occasionally bring together more adventurous folk for hikes in nearby parks such as the Beaver Brook Association in Hollis.