Grappone Automotive Group

Grapponelogo black backgroundGrappone partners with iUGO to sponsor our Community Involvement work. Their sponsorship helps to bring unique opportunities and experiences to iUGO members.

As Grappone Automotive continues in the ninth decade under the watch of the fourth generation, their mission statement guides daily decision making. The mission of Grappone Automotive is dedication to building lifelong relationships by serving our team members, guests and community with integrity, kindness and respect.

For Amanda Grappone Osmer, great-granddaughter of founders Rocco and Emmanuella Grappone, team members come first. “Every decision we make, every policy we write and rewrite, the schedules we set, all of these things are done with our team and their families in mind.”

At Grappone we know that if we create and maintain a safe and happy work environment, then our team will provide an exceptional experience for our guests. In turn, our success will continue to benefit our community, as it has since 1924. We are energized by the prospect of what the future brings.