So why get your staff involved with iUGO? For starters, we offer fun activities that are great team building exercises for your company’s young professionals. We also offer your young professionals the chance to build their professional skills and network with other young professionals in the greater Nashua area. Such networking helps to build healthy friendships in the community, and excellent opportunities for business collaboration. All of this can help in building a sense of place for your young professionals and encouraging them to stay in greater Nashua. Plus, our membership is free!

We do occasionally sense some worry from businesses that such networking could lure their young professionals away, but we want to stress that this is not our objective in any sense. We strive to keep young professionals in the greater Nashua area and to encourage other skilled professionals to move to the area. We would love to work with your business and be a resource for drawing young talent to your company.

We believe that participants in iUGO will become stronger, happier employees. They’ll become better connected in the community, and thereby better representatives of your company.

Retaining Employees?

Often these days, young employees feel they have to leave their jobs in order to advance or to find more satisfying work. By encouraging their participation in iUGO, your employees will feel that the company cares about their well-being, and is willing to support their need for social and professional engagement with peers from throughout the greater Nashua community. Employees who feel appreciated by their employer are more likely to stay with their employer. In today’s fast-moving world where the average young professional has had 9 different jobs before he or she is 30, making your employees happy is more essential than ever. iUGO is designed to help you do just that.

Grow Employees

iUGO members will have access to special seminars and programs designed to sharpen their business and communication skills within the office. iUGO Professional Development programs will specifically teach members how to perform at their best within the workplace and find the resources to fulfill their potential as leaders. Presidents, CEOs, business coaches, and owners of local companies will facilitate these programs, thereby ensuring that your employees have access to the best business leaders that the community has to offer.

Corporate Partner Sponsorship Program

In addition to encouraging your employees to actively participate in iUGO, you can maximize your company’s exposure in the young professional community by becoming an official partner of iUGO through our Corporate Sponsorship Program. A limited number of corporate sponsorships will be available on an annual basis. To learn how you can become a iUGO Corporate Partner, click here.