Steering Committee

iUGO is a strategic initiative of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce, and has its own Steering Committee comprised of many of greater Nashua’s top up-and-coming young professionals. These Steering Committee members represent a broad cross-section of Nashua’s community. Some of the members are politicians, some are upper-level managers for large companies, some are entrepreneurs, and some come from the non-profit side of the greater Nashua community. All of them, however, share one common vision: Make greater Nashua a place where Young Professionals can connect and build solid networks with each other, and promote their own careers by promoting the community.

Please feel free to contact any one of our Steering Committee members listed below with questions about iUGO. We look forward to talking to you and seeing you at an upcoming event.


Brian Duncan, CRPC ®

Brian Duncan – iUGO Steering Committee Chair
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Mike Aquino

Mike Aquino
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Ali Bankowski

Alison Bankowski
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 Koreen Alvarado
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Amber Logue
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