By James M. Vayo

Lowell has the special sauce right now! It took a lot of creative thinking from state and local government and a willing private developer to make it happen… but the outcome is pure magic. Nashua will need to take note of the solutions other industrial cities are taking to address housing & urbanism in their communities. In Nashua, quality housing is too scarce for young people. Many young professionals leave Nashua as they are seeking an authentic downtown experience where they can walk to “the third place” (I.E. Riverwalk Cafe or in this example of Lowell, like Mill No. 5) to meet new people and build relationships… Until Nashua can start developing housing which will fill a missing link in the framework of our Main Street, community engagement from young adult will not hit full potential. Millennials need housing which meets their needs, smaller unit sizes but higher quality dwelling experiences which are walkable to many uses on and around Main Street. If Nashua wants to appeal to and retain Millennials, then the city needs to seek out opportunities for development to match their needs.

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