Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce

NCoC_logo 2014.04.01iUGO is, in fact, a Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce-based organization. We do like to note, however, that you and your business don’t have to be Chamber members for you to be involved with iUGO. The Chamber provides iUGO with both guidance and resources to help keep Nashua as a vibrant and desirable city for young professionals to live and work in. Promoting access to a skilled workforce is one of the Chamber’s key strategic objectives, and iUGO aids in this by promoting Nashua as an ideal place for young professionals (i.e. skilled workers) to stay, work, and play in.

The Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce has a powerful vision for our region:

“A vibrant, diverse, thriving Greater Nashua community, that is recognized locally, nationally and internationally as an attractive region to live, work, raise a family and build a business.”

Their mission aligns closely with this vision:

“To be a primary catalyst for the success of Greater Nashua’s diverse business community.”

To achieve their mission, the Chamber looks to seven strategic objectives to guide their work on behalf of the region’s businesses. Through advocacy, connecting businesses and inviting the right people to the table for important conversations, and by educating business owners and community leaders, they believe these seven objectives are key focal points for a successful Greater Nashua.

7 Strategic Objectives:

  • Ensure a business-friendly regulatory and civic environment
  •  Promote access to a skilled workforce (that’s where iUGO comes in!)
  • Capitalize on our rich diversity
  • Cultivate a well-prepared and engaged civic leadership
  • Encourage a respected and effective education system
  • Advance a supported and thriving arts and cultural environment
  • Support investments in infrastructure improvements and industry modernization