Stay Work Play

stay work play logoiUGO is, in part, a product of the Stay Work Play initiative that was begun in New Hampshire in 2005. Theinitiative looked to help make the state of New Hampshire a desirable place for Young Professionals to… well “stay, work, and play” in. Today the organization holds many events throughout the state, and is an ever present resource for iUGO as we work to make Nashua a great place to Stay, Work, and Play.

Stay, Work, Play’s goal is to encourage more young workers to “Stay, Work and Play” in New Hampshire.

Mission Statement 

“To work collaboratively across New Hampshire to support ongoing economic, workforce, and community development by promoting the state as a favorable place for young workers and recent college graduates to stay, work and play, when considering employment and lifestyle opportunities.”

Stay Work Play NH (SWP) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was established in 2009 to further the 55% Initiative, support and advance several recommendations made by the Governor’s Task Force for the Recruitment and Retention of a Young Workforce for New Hampshire and serve as an independent organization to run a website and associated marketing effort regarding what New Hampshire can offer to the 20 and 30 year old demographic in terms of staying, working, and playing here. New Hampshire is a great state in which to live, ranking very highly in terms of health, safety, low taxes, personal income, and livability. Most individuals who attend college here or visit from another state recall positive experiences vacationing or exploring New Hampshire. They also want to stay or return here later in life. But currently, only about half of the state’s college graduates actually do stay. To learn more, visit their History page.