The San Francisco Kitchen sushi and sake tasting  Better Living event was a huge success in our books, and we want to tell you why:

  1. It SOLD OUT.
  2. A handful of attendees had never been to a iUGO event before AND they were so happy that they got a chance to attend. They loved it!
  3. A couple of attendees had never had sushi before. This was their first time. That is one of the reason we host Better Living events!
  4. A few random girls at the bar (not attendees of the event!) asked how they could join iUGO because they were jealous that they did not know about this great event or any of the other things iUGO does.
  5. The owner of SFK was very pleased with the attendance, the excitement, and the overall outcome of the event.

Check out our Facebook page for photos from last nights event. Did you attend? Make sure to tag yourself and your friends!

All of us here at iUGO are looking forward to the next event! See you December 3rd at Burtons Grill at the Pheasant Lane Mall.