Ten Successful Women Share How They’ve Mastered the Art of Meaningful Networking

Read up on this article from FastCompany.com to hear how ten successful women mastered the art of networking, and used it to fuel their own success.  “Don’t network, Connect,” seems to be the motto of this article, and it’s a damn fine motto.

Some of our favorite quotes from this article are listed below, but be sure to check out the whole article!

“A truly connected person cares about bringing value to those around them. I have strong relationships and a network of people who trust me and will go out on a limb for me … as I would for them.”

— Britt Morgan-Saks, Head of Artist Services at Spotify

“I truly take every meeting … I never go into a scenario thinking, ‘how can this person help me?’ It’s just keeping the person in your back pocket so that you can call them any time. You just really never know when you’re able to help somebody or when they’re able to help you.”

— Kelly Krause, Publicist for SXSW Interactive 

“There are kids younger than me who will buy me a cup of coffee and follow up with me every six months. I admire that kind of dedication. And when positions open up, those are the kids I think about because their names are in my inbox.”

— Jess McIntosh, Communications Director at Emily’s List

“You need to be careful, as you go up in your career, of how you treat people. I will talk to our receptionist or the person who picks up our trash … it doesn’t matter. It’s really important to treat people with respect because you don’t know where they are in the totem pole and people remember how you treat them.”

— Lorine Pendleton, Director of Business Development at Dentons and angel investor

“I always say the fortune is in the follow-up because it takes time to get to know an individual. Receiving a business card, following up within 24 to 48 hours, and including a note with at least one to two value added points are key.”

— Toya Powell, Founder of Bid Compliance Solutions and former Vice-president of Operations for the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.