IUGO: Southern New Hampshire’s preeminent organization for Young Professionals living here

iUGO is Greater Nashua’s home for young professionals looking to establish and expand their social and professional networks. Whether you are...

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IUGO Events

San Francisco Kitchen Sushi and Sake Tasting Event a Big Success!

The San Francisco Kitchen sushi and sake tasting  Better Living event was a huge success in our books, and we want to tell you why: It SOLD OUT. A handful of attendees had never been to a iUGO event before AND they were so happy that they got a chance to attend. They loved it! A couple...

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December Social at Burtons Grill

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM join us for some food, drinks and networking at Burtons Grill at the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua. Maybe even get a little holiday shopping done!

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Staying Fit Doesn’t Stop at the Office

Original story by Dwayne Duprey of Orangetheory Fitness Nashua. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.
We all know that a couch potato is at risk for many health complications including obesity, cardiovascular problems, back pain, etc. Many of us wouldn’t consider ourselves a couch potato, but inadvertently our daily habits provide us with the same effects….

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529 Plans, What Are They?

Aw, college, the good ol’ days! Now that you’re a bit older, have kids, and more responsibilities you may have heard of the term ’529 plan.’ Besides wishing that your parents set one up for you, what else do you know?

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