IUGO: Southern New Hampshire’s preeminent organization for Young Professionals living here

iUGO is Greater Nashua’s home for young professionals looking to establish and expand their social and professional networks. Whether you are...

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IUGO Events

Building Your Leadership Brand through Philanthropic Pursuits

Date: May 21, 2014 Time: 5:30 -7:30 PM Location: GNCC Conference Room Price: Free! Register Here. Panelists TBD You know that you need to take personal ownership for your own professional leadership development, but you wait for your manager to drive this discussion so that you can help to achieve his/her goals. But what about your own professional...

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Pre-Cinco de Mayo Party at Margaritas

Come hang with the iUGO crew May 1 at Margaritas Nashua. Meet fellow young professionals from Nashua, have a margarita by the river, and support us in continuing our awesome events. Mention iUGO to your server or bring this flyer with you!

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Experience working in a restaurant makes for a better employee

Written by Scott Flegal of Flegal Law in Nashua!
I have long had a theory that people who worked in restaurants at some point in their lives make better employees.
An MBA or law degree from a top tier school is nice. But employment experience at a restaurant provides a perspective on employment and business in general…

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5 ‘Bad’ Millennial Traits That Are Actually Good for Entrepreneurs

I’ll be the first to admit it: We millennials have a bad rep. They say we’re lazy, ungrateful and that we don’t grow up fast enough. (Anyone remember the Time magazine article?)
That said, we do have qualities which work in our favor. We dream big. We’re unafraid. We don’t understand the word “no.” All these attributes…

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