Join Hundreds of Southern NH & Northern MA Young Professionals as We Explore and Build Our Community!

iUGO (pronounced you-go) is a verb. In Latin it means “to connect”, and that is exactly what our young professionals organization does. Through innovative action, social engagement, community building, professional development, and opportunities to give back we are working to retain and energize the 20-40-year-old (and young-at-heart) aged workforce of Greater Nashua.

You’ll find like-minded folks at our events (think: socials at local breweries and restaurants, expert panels, athletic groups, volunteer days, virtual meetups, etc.) and opportunities to develop yourself and your career in the simple context of having a good time doing things you like to do.

We’re breaking the mold when it comes to creating an access point for everyone. iUGO is a welcoming organization, and the only requirement for participation is a willingness to step into the community and an openness to meeting new people and having fun.

Let's Connect

Life is all about connections. We connect with friends, business associates, potential employers, and on social media everyday. Join iUGO to strengthen your network both online and offline!

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  • Active Living Series
  • Southern New Hampshire Food Truck Festival
  • Active Online Social Community
  • Professional Development
  • Business Networking
  • Volunteer Opportunities

iUGO Signature Events

When your community thrives so do you! You live, work, and play in this community. Build a stronger Nashua by joining iUGO to support local businesses, get involved with community leaders, and learn the ways in which you can make this city great!

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Social Events

Pre-St. Patty's Day Pub Tour

Mastermind Mixers

Better Living Series

Active Living Series

Southern New Hampshire Food Truck Festival

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